About Us

AuctorVerno, LLC, the producer of buildingctgreen.com with offices in Bloomfield and Bethany, is a green building/green business marketing services firm that assists customers in developing strategies and setting goals that green their workforce, operation, supply chain, image, culture and mission. Our clients include small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, NGOs and government agencies.


auctor -oris m. [one who gives increase]. Hence (1) [an originator, causer, doer; founder of a family; architect of a building; author of a book; originator of or leader in an enterprise; source of or warrant for a piece of information]. (2) [a backer, supporter, approver, surety].verno -are [to flourish, grow green]……Green building in Latin.


Services Include:

GreenStorming®…..green idea generation
• Green building/business event coordination and promotion
• Strategic communications
• Image enhancement and integrated outreach campaigns
• Green building/business speakers’ bureau
• Media relations

P.S. We also happen to be passionate about what we do and think this stuff is fun and if we’re having fun, our clients are having fun.