GreenStorming® services, available from AuctorVerno, LLC (AV), help customers plan and implement programs that incorporate best practices in corporate responsibility strategies. GreenStorming services bring a unique perspective for those involved with the development of commercial and residential property and include conducting initial stakeholder engagement meetings, employee engagement programs and LEED®*/green building project management.

GreenStorming services can also help manufacturers, service providers, governmental institutions and non-profits develop green business strategies for their workforce, operation, supply chain and image/reputation.

Here are some of the strategies of GreenStorming services:

Green Building/Green Business Project Development – Is your company planning to build a green building and you want to make sure you use environmentally friendly building practices? AV can help your firm meet its goals and stay on budget. Our trained staff will help facilitate and moderate your initial stakeholder meeting and help identify roles, time-line and goals for your upcoming project. Or, is your company trying to develop a new green product or service? AV staff will benchmark, measure and assure successful completion of your new effort.

Employee Engagement/Education – AV provides engaging speakers that promote the use of corporate responsibly measures. We can deliver presentations for your company’s next lunch and learn session, help you create an internal Green Team or we can customize a program for your marketing/sales staff to better understand the language of green and how to sell green.

Green Buzz – Is your company building a green building or unveiling a new green product or service and you’re looking to tell the world? Let AV help you develop an outreach program that helps tell your story. From media and community relations, to event coordination, our staff can identify and help find the perfect platforms for you to deliver your green message. AV can also help your firm prepare its corporate responsibility report to share with you employees, customers, investors and your local community.

If you’d like to find out more about GreenStorming services and how your firm can be helped by AV to produce sustainable solutions, please contact Adam at

*LEED® is a registered service mark of U.S. Green Building Council.